60+ Names for Rabbit: Adorable and Cute Bunny Names

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60+ Names for Rabbit: Adorable and Cute Bunny Names
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Top Bunny and Rabbit Names: Find the Perfect Adorable, Cute, and Best Name for Your Pet Rabbit


Welcome to CBSE Digital Shiksha. If you are finding perfect names for your pet rabbit or Bunny names then you are at right place. We will provide you best adorable bunny female names or bunny male names and more over Bunny Pairs names also.


Rabbits are one of the cutest pets in world then obviously they deserve best bunny name. They are the stress-bursters of our life and it is very important to have cute name for a rabbit.


Discover adorable rabbit names in today’s post and also find the best name for a rabbit. You can also explore a variety of cute bunny rabbit names here.


Whether you prefer traditional names or something more unique than others then our collection of Names for Rabbits is sure to have the perfect match for your bunny’s personality. 


Just read this post on Cute Bunny names and get inspired with our bunny nicknames and find a cute name for a rabbit that captures their charm and character. Let’s read into the post to find the perfect cute name for your adorable new bunny pet!


20 Cute Female Names for Rabbits


Here are 20 amazing names for your cute and adorable female bunny pet. 


Bunny Name Meaning
Bella Beautiful
Daisy Day’s eye; a flower
Luna Moon
Ruby Precious stone
Willow Named after the willow tree
Hazel The hazelnut tree
Olive Symbol of peace
Coco Short for ‘Coconut’
Rosie Short for Rose; a flower
Ivy A climbing vine plant
Violet Purple/blue flower
Pearl A precious gem
Ginger Spice; for a rabbit with spice!
Angel Messenger of God
Honey Sweet; affectionate
Poppy A flower
Clover A lucky plant
Aurora Dawn; Roman goddess of morning
Penny Diminutive of Penelope; coin
Jasmine Fragrant flower


Hope You are finding these amazing and unique Bunny names or names for rabbits. You will read more Cute Bunny male Names, Unique Bunny Pairs names or Rabbits Pairs Names


20 Cute Bunny Male Names


Here are 20 unique names for your cute and adorable male bunny pet. 


Name Meaning
Oliver Peaceful
Jasper Treasurer
Milo Merciful or mild
Max The greatest
Charlie Free man
Oreo Popular cookie; black and white
Leo Lion
Toby God is good
Oscar Divine spear
Simba Lion in Swahili
Felix Happy and lucky
George Farmer
Teddy Gift of God
Jack God is gracious
Benny Blessed
Sam Told by God
Alfie Wise counselor
Henry Estate ruler
Gus Great or magnificent
Bailey Steward or public official


Hope you liked these unique and adorable names for male rabbits and also go ahead you will find many more creative names for Rabbits Pairs or Bunny Pairs.


 20 Unique Rabbits Pairs Names


Here are 20 Unique and cute names for Bunny Pairs or Rabbit Pairs names


Pair Name Meaning
Luna & Sol Moon and Sun
Thumper & Bumper Rhyming playful names
Salt & Pepper Classic opposites; for contrasting pets
Coco & Puff Soft and sweet names
Peanut & Butter A classic combination
Daisy & Clover Charming flower names
Snow & Flake For white or fluffy rabbits
Bella & Beau Beautiful in Italian and French
Ginger & Snap Lively and spirited names
Honey & Dew Sweet and refreshing
Maple & Syrup A sweet and sticky pair
Willow & Birch Named after trees
Star & Sky Celestial pair
Olive & Twig Nature-inspired
Ruby & Emerald Precious gems
Peanut & Jelly A classic pair
Chip & Dale Famous cartoon chipmunks
Misty & Foggy Weather-related names
Cinnamon & Spice For rabbits with a spicy personality
Midnight & Twilight Evening-themed names


Hope you liked this post on names for rabbits including Male rabbits names, Female rabbits names and even also pair of rabbits names or Bunny pair names.

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