Massive Protest at Jantar Mantar: Students and Parents Demand NEET Exam Cancellation

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Why Did Students and Parents Protest at Jantar Mantar?

Thousands of students and parents gathered at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Tuesday, voicing their frustration and demanding the cancellation of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). This large-scale protest has underscored growing discontent with the handling of the exam and its subsequent results.

What Sparked the Massive Outcry?

The protest stems from widespread allegations of unfair practices and technical issues associated with the recent NEET exam. Students have reported multiple instances of irregularities, including paper leaks and unjustified grace marks, which have significantly affected their results and future prospects.

How Did the Supreme Court and High Court React to the NEET Crisis?

The students’ concerns have reached the corridors of justice, with numerous petitions filed across the country. Notably, over 20,000 students have submitted appeals to various courts, seeking the cancellation and re-conduction of the NEET exam. The Supreme Court, while addressing these concerns, has issued a notice to the National Testing Agency (NTA), questioning the integrity of the exam and demanding a response.

Simultaneously, a pivotal hearing in the Delhi High Court is set to address a petition filed by 17-year-old Shreyanshi Thakur. This petition challenges the NTA’s decision to award grace marks, arguing that it unfairly benefits certain students while disadvantaging others.

Who is Leading the Legal Battle Against NEET?

Prominent figures like Physicswala CEO Alakh Pandey have taken a proactive stance. Pandey’s petition in the Supreme Court highlights the urgent need to halt NEET counseling until these issues are resolved. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court acknowledged the significance of this matter by issuing a notice to the NTA. Despite these actions, the counseling process has not been suspended, leaving students in a state of uncertainty.

What Are the Core Issues Surrounding the NEET Controversy?

Several critical issues have emerged, casting a shadow over the NEET exam:

1. Multiple Toppers with Perfect Scores: This year, 67 students achieved the first rank with perfect scores of 720, a sharp increase compared to previous years. This unprecedented number has raised suspicions of irregularities.

2. Questionable Results at a Single Exam Center: The merit list reveals that six out of the top eight students, all scoring the same series of marks, appeared from a single center in Jhajjar, Haryana. This anomaly has fueled further doubts about the exam’s fairness.

3. Discrepancies in Grace Marks Allocation: The distribution of grace marks has also come under scrutiny. Many students and experts question why grace marks were given to students from specific centers while those at other centers, where papers were delayed, received none.

What Do the Protesters Demand from the Authorities?

The protesters, a mix of students and their supportive parents, are clear in their demands:

Cancellation of the Current NEET Exam: They seek the annulment of the exam and a fair re-examination process.

Suspension of NEET Counseling: They urge the authorities to halt all ongoing counseling processes until the controversy is resolved.

Thorough Investigation of Exam Irregularities: A comprehensive probe into the allegations of paper leaks and unjustified grace marks is essential.

Will the Government Respond to the NEET Controversy?

As the protests and legal battles continue, the government faces increasing pressure to address these grievances. J Sai Deepak, the advocate representing Physicswala, emphasized that students have only received assurances without concrete resolutions. The Supreme Court’s notice to the NTA is a step towards holding the agency accountable, but the next hearing on July 8 will be crucial in determining the course of action.


The NEET controversy has highlighted significant flaws in the current examination system. With thousands of students and parents actively demanding justice, the authorities are under immense pressure to ensure transparency and fairness. As the legal proceedings unfold, the hope for a resolution that benefits the student community remains strong.


1. Why are students protesting against the NEET exam?

•Students are protesting due to alleged irregularities, paper leaks, and unfair distribution of grace marks.

2. What actions have been taken by the courts regarding the NEET controversy?

•The Supreme Court and Delhi High Court have issued notices to the NTA and scheduled hearings on various petitions challenging the exam’s fairness.

3. Who is leading the legal battle for the students in the NEET controversy?

•Prominent figures like Physicswala CEO Alakh Pandey and advocate J Sai Deepak are actively involved in the legal fight for students.

4. What specific demands are being made by the protesters at Jantar Mantar?

•Protesters are demanding the cancellation of the NEET exam, suspension of counseling, and a thorough investigation into the exam irregularities.

5. When is the next crucial court hearing regarding the NEET issue scheduled?

•The next critical hearing in the Supreme Court regarding the NEET controversy is scheduled for July 8.

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